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The Morning After: Space tourism and 100-megapixel cameras

Better specs than Canon, Nikon and Sony — but they’re not coming until next year.Panasonic announces two full-frame L-Mount mirrorless cameras

Following the launch of the L-Mount alliance, Panasonic has revealed a pair of full-frame L-Mount mirrorless cameras, the 47-megapixel Lumix S1R and 24-megapixel S1. Both models are set to arrive in spring of 2019, with further specifications to be revealed later.

FYI.Chrome 70 will let users decline linking web, browser sign-in

In response to feedback, Google has announced that in Chrome 70 users will be able to “turn off linking web-based sign-in with browser-based sign-in.” As Google Security Princess Parisa Tabriz writes, it will still default to on, but you can opt out of it and have an assurance that the browser is not syncing your data to the cloud in the background.

Christopher Nolan will be happy.Kodak’s retro Ektachrome film arrives after a long wait

After a slight delay as it scrambled to find all the chemicals and materials required, Kodak is finally releasing its Ektachrome color reversal film, beloved by analog photographers and filmmakers alike.

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‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ was the first show on American TV to use “Googled” as a verb.The Google graveyard: Remembering three dead search engines

Back in the late ’90s, Google Search was competing with a handful of other engines, most of which have faded into the ether by now. Here’s a look back at three search engines that Google gobbled up nearly 20 years ago.

Natural-language AI in your car.Mercedes A-Class First Drive: Top-level tech comes to an entry-level car

No scripts and no need to push a button. With MBUX — which is making its debut in the new A-Class — you just say the wake words, “Hi Mercedes” or “Hey Mercedes.” Plus, there’s an augmented reality navigation setup, all powered by NVIDIA hardware.

If tests go well it could launch worldwide.Tinder borrows Bumble’s women-message-first feature

In India, the dating app has been testing a My Move feature, which gives women more control over conversations. If women enable the feature in their settings, only they can start a conversation after a match — you know, like Bumble.

Always remember to pack your radiation shielding and portable defibrillator.How the first space tourists will make it back to Earth alive

Between an absolute vacuum that will burst your lungs just before you freeze to death, lethal doses of cosmic radiation, microgravity-induced physiological changes and the psychological stress of being isolated in such an unforgiving environment, venturing beyond Earth’s gravity is not an activity for the ill-prepared or faint of heart.

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