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2018 Subaru Legacy review – Roadshow

The 2018 Subaru Legacy probably won’t turn many heads with its looks. Its conservative sheetmetal harks back to a time when inoffensive styling ruled the midsize sedan realm, but in recent years the segment has received an injection of pizzazz. Vehicles like the Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord and ...

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After Math: Market fluctuations

$40: YouTube TV is already a solid option for people looking to cut ties with their cable company and it’s only getting better. Google announced this week that it’s expanding its channel lineup with stations from Turner Broadcasting, NBA TV, MLB TV, and a few others. Only problem is that ...

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Twitter’s fake news problem is getting worse

As is common in these cases, many of the initial fake tweets misidentified the gunman. A few tweets from a fake Bill O’Reilly account, for example, claimed that there were two shooters (one of whom was the actual gunman, Nikolas Cruz) and the other was Sam Hyde. Hyde is a ...

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2018 Toyota 4Runner review – Roadshow

The Toyota 4Runner is a throwback within the midsize SUV segment. Unlike the once-tough Ford Explorer and Nissan Pathfinder that have morphed into three-row crossovers on unibody platforms, the 4Runner’s foundation remains rugged-first, with body-on-frame architecture. And while Ford and Nissan now offer an arsenal of media and safety technologies; ...

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