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You Can Buy Doom 2 Creator's Original Copy of Doom 2

Share. The bid is currently at $406 USD. By Alex Gilyadov You can purchase Doom 2 creator John Romero’s original copy of the seminal first-person shooter. Romero announced via Twitter that he’s currently auctioning off his original five Doom 2 floppy disks on eBay and will sign them if the winner ...

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YouTuber Builds Junkrat's RIP-Tire With More Than 4500 Lego Bricks

Overwatch’s Junkrat has a deadly, motorized weapon that zooms around the battlefield: his RIP-Tire. This tire can be remotely detonated to create an explosive blast. YouTuber ZaziNombies built a replica, though it can’t roll (and isn’t deadly, of course) like Junkrat’s. It’s nonetheless impressive. It measures 25 inches long and ...

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Sonic Mania Vinyl Album Announced

Share. Featuring select music from composer Tee Lopes. By Alex Gilyadov SEGA and Data Discs have announced a special Sonic Mania vinyl album. According to Data Discs’ product page, pre-orders will go live mid-July. The album, which is listed for £19.99 (roughly $25 USD) and will release “soon,” will feature ...

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Nex Machina Review

Share. Developing a love/hate relationship with blowing up. By TJ Hafer When a top-down shooter like Nex Machina comes along, I’m reminded that even in this age of procedural open worlds and emergent storytelling, you don’t need a lot of buzzwords to have a good time. Its five stages of ...

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