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Let's Talk About Why Gaming Rituals Are Important

Getting a job in games journalism was an interesting experience in that it meant that one of my biggest hobbies, timesinks, and forms of escapism had suddenly become a 9-to-5 job. I had worked as a full-time freelancer for a couple of years and that was pretty labor intensive, but ...

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Zendesk introduces support bot for Discord gaming community

The Discord gaming community boasts 150 million members and 46 million active monthly users, who spend their days chatting about games, finding people to play with and looking for advice on how to resolve issues. Up until now, game publishers have had to monitor public discussions looking for people who ...

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What We Want From The Future Of Diablo

When Diablo III launched in 2012, it was plagued with issues, including server problems, an in-game auction house, a stingy legendary drop-rate, and no real endgame other than repeating the same short campaign. Fans were unhappy, despite the game receiving critical acclaim. It wasn’t until 2014, with the release of ...

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Dead Cells: How to Find All The Gardener's Keys

Even in the randomized nature of Dead Cells, there are still secrets to uncover that will appear no matter how your run looks. In the Promenade of the Condemned Area, you may stumble across a large building with three locked doors leading to a Blueprint. In order to gain access, ...

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A Bunch Of Mouth-Watering Pixels: Modern Gaming’s Best Food

Every advancement in graphics technology is accompanied by a new, goofy method of showing it off. Whether it’s 128 versions of Mario running around a globe for the GameCube, a million Toblerone pieces scattering around in Knack, or 1-2-Switch’s lockpicking minigame demonstrating all those ice cubes inside the Joy-Cons, developers ...

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