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EU may force Apple to add USB-C ports to iPhones – CNET

Stephen Shankland/CNET The European Commission on Thursday revealed a proposal that would require phones and other electronic devices to include a common USB-C charging port, to reduce waste by letting people reuse their old chargers on new devices. This move would mainly impact Apple, which uses its own Lightning connector ...

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iOS 15 lets you spy on apps that might be spying on you

Apple is cracking down on how apps access your private data, such as location data, photos, camera, microphone, as well as what domains the apps are communicating with. And part of that is giving users the ability to find out what the apps that they have installed are up to. ...

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iPhone 13: Every feature we didn't get – CNET

The iPhone 13 brings new features like better cameras and longer battery life, but it’s still missing some useful capabilties.  This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple. Apple’s iPhone 13 and 13 Pro certainly have a lot to offer over their ...

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Best VPN for iPhone and iPad 2021

Image: Daniel Romero via Unsplash My iPhone offers pretty good connectivity, but tends to be hamstrung by the limits imposed by my cellular carrier. Even though I have an unlimited data plan, using my phone as a hotspot is limited to a very short amount of time before I start ...

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AirPods battery going bad? Here's an inventive fix

CNET Apple’s wireless earbuds have been around for almost exactly five years now, with the first generation AirPods launching in Sept. 2016, and the second generation AirPods coming in March 2019. The long-stemmed wireless earbuds completely changed the wireless audio industry thanks in part to long battery life, ease of ...

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I want an iPhone that doesn't do this!

A reader asked me what iPhone 13 improvement would be the most beneficial to me. That’s an interesting question that I’d not thought about.  But the answer is quite straightforward. No, it’s not a faster processor. I don’t want a better camera. I don’t want it to connect to satellites. ...

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