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GM goes full smartphone with its latest infotainment system

During a recent demo in the 2018 GMC Terrain (the first GM vehicle to get the new infotainment system) Jason Park, GM’s global infotainment product manager, showed off the company’s latest in-dash system. The layout resembles a smartphone, in fact, Park points that out. That’s not new; automakers have been ...

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Could thermal-imaging sensors help make self-driving cars safer?

FLIR Systems Recently we published a story about the history of notable car accidents involving self-driving and semi-self-driving vehicles. While a significant number of these do involve human error, there are still multiple examples of crashes in which the vehicle was unable to properly read its surroundings. Thermal imaging company ...

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Is the Australian bee the key to better outdoor gear?

Courtesy of Louise Docker via Flickr Over the past few years there has been a significant push within the outdoor industry to design products that are better for the environment without sacrificing performance. Some companies, like Columbia Sportswear and Jack Wolfskin, have taken to using recycled fabrics, while also looking for ...

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