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A VR film forced me to confront my fear of the sea

Considering I also get creeped out by schools of fish, my whale phobia isn’t actually too shocking. Many fears are irrational, and trying to overcome them is no easy feat. Photographer Michael Muller confronted his own deep fear of sharks by “learning to dive without protection and cage-free with great ...

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Omnidrive's Online Storage Actually Works

I’ve been talking to Nik Cubrilovic, the founder of Sydney, Australia based Omnidrive, since I posted about the need for a good online storage service in November (see no. 1 in that post). I’ve had the chance to test it over the last few days. It’s pre-beta but will be ...

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After Math: Number stations

100 locations: AT&T is setting the stage for its new 5G network, which is slated to roll out to a dozen American cities by the end of the year. Ahead of that switch flippage, the company announced this week that it will be debuting a 5G-ish fixed-in-place network as well ...

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Ask Engadget: What are the best apps and tools for the blind?

Dana WollmanExecutive Editor Howdy folks, it me: your friendly neighborhood Engadget editor. This week’s question is a personal one. My father suddenly lost much of his vision recently. (He has been a total trooper.) Driving is of course out of the question, but he’s otherwise exploring various apps, settings and ...

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Friday Night Lights is on Hulu now. You’re welcome.

Friday Night Lights, the football show that was never just about football (and one of the best shows on television), is now streaming on Hulu. Say goodbye to the weekend is all I’m saying. Hailed as one of the most honest depictions of a functioning adult relationship in its portrayal ...

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