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Will you apply for a Chinese Green Card?

HIGHLY skilled foreign workers in China are being urged to apply for effective permanent residency, which it deems a “Green Card”. The Beijing Public Security Bureau’s office in Zhongguancun – a high-tech hub in the nation’s capital – has said that those seeking to apply for a Green Card under its ...

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Finding a needle in the cybersecurity haystack

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly central concern for businesses. Source: Shutterstock THE DIGITAL lifestyle has pervaded every aspect of our lives – from banking and grocery shopping to even paying our taxes and brings us convenience. Every business is leveraging technology to attract and retain customers. Every online interaction – ...

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This is what you are competing against in China

The market in China is huge, but do you really have what it takes to grab a piece of that pie? Source: Shutterstock CHINA is becoming the poster child for an integrated tech-driven society. From the seamless integration of payment systems to a slightly worrying future of a social credit ...

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How to spot a dark horse amidst the blockchain craze

The blockchain industry witnessed an explosive rise in late 2017 and well into 2018. But with all the hype around it, the industry is still in its infancy where underlying infrastructure is in development and more use cases are being explored. Ella Zhang, CEO of Binance Labs, spoke about the ...

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Seven year old App Store reviews show how far WeChat has come

Weibo account The Founder (创业家传媒) uploaded screenshots of users’ comments on WeChat 7 years ago. Though it’s not possible to tell the overall market response and rating given the limited feedback screenshots, from users’ harsh words, it’s hard to imagine that Tencent has remarkably transformed the hated social network program ...

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WeChat Impact Report 2018 shows impressive social impact

Editor’s note: A version of this post first appeared on WalktheChat’s website. WalktheChat specializes in helping foreign organizations access the Chinese market through WeChat, the largest social network on the mainland. The WeChat Impact Report 2018 is out! Among the highlights: WeChat-driven information consumption reached RMB 209. 7 billion WeChat accounted for 34% ...

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The ecosystem platform revolution is here — new study

An ecosystem platform can propel mid-sized enterprises. Source: Shutterstock MID-SIZED enterprises are striving for digital transformation this year and are aiming for growth. However, achieving either is a bit of a challenge because there are just too many new technologies and it’s a confusing technological landscape out there. According to ...

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