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WeChat Impact Report 2018 shows impressive social impact

Editor’s note: A version of this post first appeared on WalktheChat’s website. WalktheChat specializes in helping foreign organizations access the Chinese market through WeChat, the largest social network on the mainland. The WeChat Impact Report 2018 is out! Among the highlights: WeChat-driven information consumption reached RMB 209. 7 billion WeChat accounted for 34% ...

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The ecosystem platform revolution is here — new study

An ecosystem platform can propel mid-sized enterprises. Source: Shutterstock MID-SIZED enterprises are striving for digital transformation this year and are aiming for growth. However, achieving either is a bit of a challenge because there are just too many new technologies and it’s a confusing technological landscape out there. According to ...

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Enterprise employees are a threat to themselves: Kaseya and Webroot combine to protect endpoints

LIKE BULLET-PROOF glass, the best protection for digital systems comes in layers. Today’s cybersecurity measures appear in different forms and flavors, and it’s the combination of these that produces the best protection available against so-called “black hat” forces intent on penetrating organizations’ defenses. At the edge of the enterprise’s points ...

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Getting it right: your business needs and Exact Synergy

Like most businesses, yours has probably grown up organically over its lifetime. And similar to most organic structures, your organization will have its particular details and quirks which make it unique. As it gets bigger still, systems change. There probably won’t be a single customer-facing element to your business; instead, ...

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Linkedin China enforces real name verification rules

LinkedIn has begun to inform Chinese users that they need add their phone numbers for real-name registration. The professional networking platform says this is to meet local regulations. Applicants are required to link their government-issued IDs to their phone numbers when purchasing a SIM card. In turn, the identity of ...

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What you need to know about payments in e-commerce

Payment gateways help merchants collect payments from customers and allows merchants to accept payments from more than one source. Source: Shutterstock THERE are three core segments in e-commerce: marketplace, payments, and logistics. Of the three, payment is the most sensitive segment for the obvious reason that it handles your customer’s ...

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