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China: ICOs ‘disrupt social and economic order’, says regulator

CHINESE authorities are looking to impose strict regulations on a new form of crowdfunding with digital currencies, known as initial coin offerings (ICOs), after a national government Internet finance organization said that the new form of launches was causing undue harm, if not outright fraud. Growing concern about ICO’s free-wheeling ...

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China overtakes Belgium on world innovation index

China has overtaken Belgium on a global innovation index to reach 17th out of 40 countries as it begins work on a new internet security institute to train people in how to keep the internet safe, which could contradict the effort to make China a center of innovation. The index is researched ...

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China Development Bank Inks Tencent Fintech Deal

China Development Bank and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement on “Internet plus” for development of finance services. The term “Internet plus” refers to projects and businesses that connect various traditional non-Internet sectors with advanced technologies. The two parties will work together in various sectors, including “Internet plus” poverty alleviation, ...

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Trump orders investigation into Chinese intellectual property theft

UNITED STATES President Donald Trump has launched an investigation into accusations China has been stealing intellectual property from American companies, which government officials and lobby groups say are harming US interests and jobs. According to Reuters, Trump signed the order in the midst of a 17-day vacation in New Jersey, giving ...

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