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Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 self-lacing shoes are available again

Nike’s HyperAdapt self-tightening shoes that went on sale months ago are back again, though they’re not terribly easy to get ahold of. These shoes are billed as futuristic kicks, ones that sport technology that causes the laces to tighten themselves. You probably only want to grab these shoes if you’re a collector or you have money to burn, as they’re priced at a cool $720. If that doesn’t deter you, there are select places around the world where you can try to get a pair.

If you’re located in the US, your chance to get the shoes have already passed — they were available to some lucky people at select Nike stores throughout the US between August 25 and today, although they’re already listed as sold out. The shoes will be arriving in stores in other countries in coming weeks and months, however. First up will be China starting on September 17, where they’re arrives in the Nike Ghangzhou Brand Experience Store, Huaihai, and more.

Following that will be a release in Japan starting on September 23 — you’ll be able to find them at the NIKELAB MA5 and DSM in Ginza and at Nike Harajuku. If you’re located in Europe, you’ll have to make your way to London starting on September 29 to get the shoes at Niketown in London. If you can wait until October, though, they’ll also arrive in Berlin on the 5th at Nike BE Berlin.

As well, the Shoes will arrive at NIKELAB ST18 in Milan on October 5th and in the Nike Store Champs Elysee and NIKELAB P75 in Paris on the same day. As far as the technology goes, the Nike HyperAdapt feature an underfoot lacing mechanism that tightens the shoes laces to whatever degree is necessary based on the wearer. The shoes are powered and can be recharged.

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