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Lenovo's Yoga headphones are built for music, chat and voice control

Lenovo is promising better audio for your conference calls or Skype chats with a Smart Voice Pickup feature. Basically, the company says you’ll be able to use these for chatting just as much as you will for listening to tunes. Or as Lenovo puts it, “immersive entertainment or focused productivity.”

Lenovo Yoga ANC headphones

In terms of overall sound quality, the Yoga headphones pack Dolby-tuned drivers and “high-fidelity sound.” I’m getting my hands on a pair later this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to judge those merits soon enough with some detailed audio impressions. Lenovo isn’t chatting battery life just yet, but again, that should be information I’ll get over the next few days. The company as opted for Bluetooth 5 and USB-C — the latter of which is increasingly becoming the standard on wireless headphones. Lastly, a folding design means the Yoga headphones will be easier to pack in your bag and premium materials like aluminum finished earcups enhance the overall look.

The Yoga ANC headphones will go on sale in Europe in June and will arrive in the US in July. When they do, expect to pay €158 and $170, respectively, in order to grab a pair.

Lenovo Yoga ANC headphones

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