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Best of MWC 2018 Award Winners

Best of MWC 2018 AwardsWith yet another popular Nokia phone resurrected from the dead, a driverless car powered by a smartphone, and of course, the return of the Samsung’s Galaxy S-series, Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona has been lively, packed with plenty to see and experience.

Then it snowed. Like the blackout at CES this year, it’s all anyone could talk about at MWC.

No matter the snow or the unusually cold weather, Digital Trends’ mobile team waded through the biggest mobile show in the world to find the best products for our annual Best of MWC 2018 awards.

From a smartphone with brilliantly unique camera technology, to a software company bridging the gap between feature phones and smartphones, check out the most exciting tech we uncovered at this year’s show!

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