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Zamasu Confirmed As DLC For Dragon Ball FighterZ

Following an earlier report that the next Dragon Ball FighterZ character would be Merged Zamasu, Bandai Namco has confirmed the alternate-future villain will be arriving as simply Zamasu.

The Dragon Ball Super character was the primary antagonist of the future Trunks saga with a power that was literally incomprehensible by the people present. Zamasu would be the furthest character in the Dragon Ball Super story to appear in Dragon Ball FighterZ as a playable fighter so far.



It is hard to get a grip on his fighting style just from the screenshots, but most shots indicate a focus on beam attacks and zoning. The two available DLC characters, Bardock and Brolly, focus on fast movement and slow super-armor attacks respectively. It’s also not known yet when Zamasu would be available, but Bandai Namco’s Twitter account simply says “Soon” when pressed for a date.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s season pass is $35 with the two released DLC characters selling for $5 each.


Our Take
Season 1 seems limited by when development on DLC characters started, as there are a number of Super and specifically Tournament of Power characters I’d rather have than Zamasu. Hopefully he will be fun to play, though, as a strong zoning character would definitely have some advantages.

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