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YouTube Music is finally catching up to its competitors

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  • Google is adding several new features to YouTube Music that were missing at launch.
  • Some of these features include the ability to change the playback audio quality, Android Auto support, and much more.
  • Once implemented, these features should make YouTube Music a more competitive music platform.

When Google rebranded YouTube Red to YouTube Premium, it also announced that YouTube Music would one day become the company’s primary music streaming platform. But for users who have used Google Play Music and other services previously, YouTube Music seemed to be missing some key features.

Announced in YouTube Music’s support forums (Via Android Central), the platform is going to soon offer users more control over their music and allow them to play their favorite songs on additional pieces of hardware. This means the ability to set the audio quality for music streaming and downloading and support for both Android Auto and Sonos.

Below is the entire list of future updates:

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Additionally, as promised back in May, Google is working to incorporate some of the best aspects of Play Music into YouTube Music. For now, Google has reiterated that it is working on letting users move their personal/uploaded music from Play Music to YouTube Music. The search giant doesn’t state when this will be ready for consumers, but it is something they’re actively working on.

Once these new features make their way to YouTube Music, it should make the service feel a little more like other popular options on the market. And for users switching over from Play Music, these changes should make them feel more at home.

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