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You Can Play All Of The Evil Within 2's PC Version In First-Person

The Evil Within 2 is a much larger game than the first, featuring some new scares as well as a bigger playground to get terrified in. If walking around tense environments while waiting for a zombie to spot you isn’t scary enough, however, and you have the PC version of the game, you can play it entirely in first-person.

It will take some extremely light modding to make it work, though. As PC Gamer details, if you right-click the game in your Steam library, then click “properties” and “set launch options,” you can enable the game’s console by typing in “+com_allowconsole 1” (without the quotes). If you then launch the game, you can press the Insert key to bring up the console, then type in “pl_FPS 1” (without quotes) to shift the game’s perspective to first-person. If that doesn’t work, try typing in “toggle” or “idStudio” first.

If you’re curious about how The Evil Within 2 looks like in first-person, Youtube user SkacikPL has posted a video showing the feature in action.

Our Take
The game was designed to be played in third-person, so I’m curious as to how some parts of the game will play out in first-person. Still a cool little trick, though!

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