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WWDC 2019: This new iOS 13 feature turns the iPad to into a laptop killer

WWDC 2019: Everything Apple announced and what really matters to business
TechRepublic’s Karen Roby and Bill Detwiler break down the important news from Apple’s 2019 WWDC, but more importantly, they discuss why certain applications are important to business users. Read more: https://zd.net/2Wb8mpN

There’s no doubt that the iPad is a competent piece of kit, but it has limitations that mean it can’t do some things that laptop users take for granted. But iOS 13 adds a new killer feature that allows it to compete directly with laptops and tablets.

iOS finally gets built-in support for flash drives.

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iOS 13 sees the Files app get a massive revamp, adding much-requested features such as native support for ZIP files, folder-sharing via iCloud Drive, support for SMB file sharing, local storage, and support for flash drives and SD cards.


There’s also support for importing photos directly from a camera into Lightroom.


This makes the iPad even more attractive to creative types, and enterprise/business users who still use flash drives to store work.

Is this a feature that you want on the iPad, or have you totally given up on flash drives? Let me know!

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