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Weibo’s Photoshop Hero: What You See Is Not What You Get

With over 1.4 million fans, @Kanahooo is Weibo’s photoshop star. She has gained extreme popularity by teaching people how to retouch photos through China’s many photoshop apps, and by turning regular people into supermodels. Kanahooo has ignited a photoshop fever on Chinese social media.

Photos by Weibo photoshopper @kanahooo, a.k.a. “Miss Photoshop Holy,” have been going around the internet over the past week.

Weibo user Kanahooo is extremely creative in retouching people’s profile pictures, making them look like manga characters or supermodels. People reportedly ask for her services so they can look more “shiny” on social media.

Kanahooo’s photoshop skills have become all the rage; she currently has over 1.4 million followers on Weibo.

On her homepage, Kanahooo shares tips and tricks on how to retouch images. She also launches challenges that allow other Weibo netizens to try out and show off their photoshop talent.

One of the requirements: participants cannot use the Photoshop program on their desktop computer – everything has to be edited with apps on tablet or mobile phone – which is also only how Kanahooo retouches photos.

Over the past few years, apps that allow users to retouch their photos have been getting more popular in China. Many photo apps have options to add makeup, make eyes look bigger, make the face appear slimmer, or even change hair colors.

Kanahoo also gives tutorials on Weibo on how to make the chin look pointier through the Pitu app or the Meitu app.

“I’ve become obsessed with photoshop since I started following Kanahooo,” one Weibo user says.

Kanahooo has started a real photoshop fever on Weibo, where thousands of netizens are retouching images and show off their work: “Here’s my homework, Kanahooo!”

About people saying that Kanahooo’s work looks unnatural, or does not necessarily make everyone look better, the photoshop hero says: “This is just a type of entertainment. It is about showing people the things they can do with their phone. I just think it’s fun to try and make people look different.”

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