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Want a free year of Netflix? You’ll need to sign up for 2 years of Verizon Fios

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If you’ve been relying on your ex-significant other or your parents or your cousin’s best friend’s neighbor for your Netflix subscription, it’s finally time for you to grow up and binge TV on your own dime. Or rather, Verizon’s dime. Following in the tracks of what feels like every other service provider in the U.S., Verizon is finally offering a free year of Netflix for folks who sign up for a Fios “triple play” plan, which involves a bundled deal of internet, TV, and phone. It costs $80 per month, but hey, if you’re paying that much, you might as well get something for free, right?

Verizon will only cover Netflix plans up to $10.99 a month, which means that you can stream content in HD on two devices simultaneously. The more expensive plan (the one that Verizon won’t cover) costs $14 a month and allows for 4K streaming on up to four devices at once.

The announcement comes alongside another Fios update — internet and television customers with Multi-Room DVR Enhanced or Premium service selections will now be able to stream all their favorite Netflix content directly from their Fios Interactive Media Guide. That means you don’t need any extra equipment in order to tune into Netflix — simply go to channel 838 on your television, and you’ll be prompted to enter your existing Netflix credentials. From there, you can start streaming all your preferred movies and shows. And of course, sign-in credentials will be saved so that you don’t have to keep re-entering your email address and password.

Of course, there are a few additional stipulations that apply. You can only get the free Netflix if you agree to commit two years of your life to Verizon, and of course, you have to commit to all three services. That means that you’ll have to shell out at least $1,920 in order to get just one year of Netflix for free. So keep that in mind before you start chomping at the bit to get Verizon to pay for your binge-watching habits. But if you’ve been looking for a reason to switch your TV, internet, and phone provider all at once, then having Netflix for free for a year just may be the extra incentive you need.

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