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Vimeo turned popular internet films into an art exhibition

Meanwhile, Press Play to Cry lets you step into a spot where there’s a loop of sad videos playing. A red button lets you skip between them and, as you watch, you’re surrounded by hundreds of boxes of tissues. Because sad puppies will definitely make you weep. Then there’s the Aspirational piece, based on a short film starring Kirsten Dunst, which is intended to portray people’s obsession with selfies. As you can see above, the plot is you standing in front of a bunch of smartphones as the front-facing camera is on. My favorite one by far, though, was viral hit, Hi Stranger — for no other reason than how creepy it was. I stood there as a naked creature stared into my soul and a live caricaturist surprised me with a drawing of my face.

Vimeo says it doesn’t have any plans to bring this exhibit anywhere else, so if you’re at SXSW, you should probably try to see it before it’s gone on March 11th.

Hi Stranger

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