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Totto’s T-Track Backpack features smart-tracking and anti-theft technology

Why it matters to you

Well, wouldn’t it be pretty amazing to be alerted if you had forgotten something important before you left it behind?

We have all been there: You are looking for something important only to discover that you left it someplace else. People misplacing or forgetting items during the rush of a busy day is an unideal but incredibly common issue in today’s world. But what if your backpack was able to vibrate and notify you that you have forgotten something?

That is exactly what the new T-Tack Backpack from Totto does, thanks to technology that keeps track of the items you place in your bag and vibrates your phone that you have forgotten something. For individuals who have memory issues or are easily distracted, this sort of technology could be useful in limiting issues with forgotten or stolen items.

totto t track backpackBut the T-Track backpack does not stop there, Totto has packed this bag with more than 20 features designed to fit the needs of the modern business person, student — really anyone who needs to carry around their stuff with them. Among the bags other features are lockable zippers, a protective hard shell, a power bank pocket for on the go charging, water repellant design, and a security lock to attach the bag to a chair or pole to prevent it easily being walked off with.

The Achilles’ heel of this sort of backpack is the fact that it all depends on the user of the bag not being lazy about tagging and setting up the items that they place in their backpack. That said, there are certainly people out there who could benefit from a bag with this feature set.

Totto designed this bag in collaboration with Stanford Universtiy, among other universities, and the company has brought its prototype to Indiegogo seeking $25,000 in funding to help make the project a reality. The Indiegogo campaign launched on Wednesday and will run for 30 days. A $99 early-bird pledge will net you a backpack. The price jumps to $160 after the early-bird pricing runs out. If funding is achieved, Totto expects to start shipping the T-Track backpacks in November.

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