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These are the best Honor 8X cases to keep your phone untouched

Huawei Honor 8X review
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Honor spent 2018 pumping out a range of solid smartphones, and the Honor 8X was one of its best midrange options. With an attractive design, strong specs, and all the mod-cons you expect from a 2018 phone, the Honor 8X is a great choice if you’re looking to fill your pocket with power, for a little less dollar down. But for all its strengths, its not stronger than concrete, and one slip could leave your shiny smartphone shattered and broken.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A good case is a great way to protect your phone from the outside world, and add some extra grip or utility to boot. Here are some of the best Honor 8X cases to keep your Honor intact.

Sleo Clear Air Cushion ($8)

best honor 8x cases sleo

Don’t want to hide your phone away? There’s no shame in that; the Honor 8X is a beautiful phone, and it’s right to show it off like a pampered peacock. But some protection is still a great idea — and a clear case provides a great middle ground for your dilemma. This case from Sleo is made from TPU, and the soft but durable material offers great protection against a variety of threats while being completely clear. There are air cushions on each of the corners, further boosting drop protection. While not as protective as a larger case, this is still a great choice.


Kugi Anti-slip Thin Case ($9)

best honor 8x cases kugi

Protection doesn’t have to be bulky, and this case from Kugi provides good protection, despite its thin build. Made entirely from thin TPU, Kugi’s anti-slip case provides solid protection against drops, bumps, and scratches, and uses a raised bezel to protect your screen and camera lenses from resting on rough or dirty surfaces. The back panel texture and the edges provide extra grip, but also impart a stylish aesthetic to the case. It’s available in a variety of colors to match your phone, and while some may find it too thin for their liking, many will find this a decent and cheap protective case.


Free-Case PU Leather Wallet Case ($10)

best honor 8x cases free

There is no simpler way to add extra utility and protection to your phone than a wallet case. This wallet case isn’t made from real leather — not at this price — instead, it’s made from PU leather. This synthetic material is strong and durable, but it’s also easy to wipe clean and offers a chic, executive look that’s at home almost anywhere — from the beach to the boardroom. A fold-over cover means the display is protected when the phone isn’t in use, and it folds behind the device and into a handy kickstand for media viewing. There’s even a single card slot in the cover, so you can leave your wallet at home. A great little wallet case for a great price.


Spigen Rugged Armor ($25)

best honor 8x cases spigen

Spigen is one of the biggest case manufacturers out there, so it’s great to see it put out some tempting protective options for the Honor 8X. We highlighted the Rugged Armor case because it’s simply a fantastic case. It’s made from tough TPU, which offers great all-around protection and helps absorb the energy from falls and bumps, and Spigen has reinforced that even further with its Air Cushion Technology, which helps to disperse shocks even more. Raised edges keep your screen and cameras clear of surfaces, and the cool looking carbon fiber-style highlights on the back of the case speak for themselves.

Spigen Amazon

Ouba Shockproof Armor Case ($8)

best honor 8x cases ouba

If you’re outdoors a lot, or you simply want to make sure your phone is fully protected all the time, then a really rugged case is what you need. Made from a combination of impact-absorbing TPU and hard polycarbonate (PC), Ouba’s shockproof case covers all the protective bases. The TPU forms a bumper around the case, protecting your phone from impacts and other bumps, while the PC makes up the clear backplate, providing a strong backbone and giving great scratch-protection. Raised edges mean your screen and camera lenses are protected, and the clear back means you can still show off your phone’s style. Good protection at a great price.


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