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The best iPhone X battery cases to keep your $1,000 device alive

The iPhone X is the breath of fresh air that Apple fans have needed for years. The all-new OLED display is incredible, the edge-to-edge design is gorgeous, and Face ID has been ruled a success. But the battery life may not be up to scratch if you’re a heavy user. What if you’re away from the charger for a while? The iPhone X’s camera is amazing, you want to use it when you can without worrying about battery life. Why not invest in a battery case for when you need the power most?

We’ve scoured the internet for the best iPhone X battery cases that you can currently buy, and narrowed down the list to the ones you can find below. Don’t worry about power again!

ZeroLemon Extended Battery Case — 4,000mAh ($40)

zerolemon best iphone x battery cases

Battery cases are bound to add some bulk to your slim phone, because adding extra battery also means extra mass. This battery case from ZeroLemon adds an extra 12 hours of talk time to your iPhone X, and thanks to the slim profile, doesn’t add too much bulk. It’s easy to attach, with a slide-and-lock design, and a series of four LEDs that let you know the case’s charge level. Charging the case and syncing your phone to your PC is possible with a USB-C cable, so you won’t need to remove the case to charge it. The downsides? The additional chin at the bottom of the case ruins your phone’s edgeless display, it blocks wireless charging, and there’s no audio via wired headphones — Bluetooth only. Still, for $40, this provides a lot of extra juice.

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Betteck Ultra Slim Backup Battery — 5,200mAh ($31)

betteck best iphone x battery cases

Betteck has gone for a more unique style with its battery case. “Ultra” slim might be a stretch, but the case is slim enough that it doesn’t add too much bulk. It slides onto the outside of the phone, eschewing the more usual TPU or slide-and-lock style. A series of four LEDs show the case’s charge level, and it’s chargeable via Lightning cable. In terms of power, you’re looking at a good amount of extra oomph, with a whole day’s worth of extra talk time added on. On the downside, this won’t provide any real protection to your phone at all, it blocks wireless charging, and you’re again limited to Bluetooth headphones. But if you’re the sort of person who goes without a case anyway (seriously, check out the protection these iPhone cases offer!), then the option to simply slide this case on when needed might be appealing.

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AllClap Rechargeable Battery Case — 6,000mAh ($40)

allclap best iphone x battery cases

This battery case has the largest capacity on this list, and we’re frankly amazed at how well it manages to pack all that power away. AllClap’s battery case doesn’t add an unsightly chin to your phone, keeping your edgeless display mostly intact, and it doesn’t add much bulk to the phone at all — adding about 0.41-inches of thickness. It’s pure wizardry. Slipping the TPU case onto your iPhone should add around 30 hours onto your call time, and you can charge and sync your phone with a Lightning cable. On the downside, it blocks wireless charging and forces you to use Bluetooth headphones only. Still, it’s hard to argue against this amount of power for this price.

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Himino Lightning Headphone Compatible Battery Case — 3,200mAh ($33)

himino best iphone x battery cases

If you’re fully bought into a pair of expensive Lightning headphones, then the fact that many battery cases don’t support Lightning audio might be a serious turn off. Thankfully, Himino is offering this case with full Lightning audio capabilities. It might not be the biggest in terms of battery power, but it still adds twice your usual capacity, and the hard-shell design should add some protection to your fragile phone. Charge-and-sync via your Lightning cable is supported, making this even more convenient for the Lightning purist, and the charge level is again indicated with a series of LEDs. Perfect for the Lightning audio lover, or anyone who’s stuck with their EarPods (Seriously? There are loads of better headphones out there). Like the other cases, this battery case also blocks wireless charging.

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Alpatronix BXX Qi-Enabled Battery Case — 4,200mAh ($60)

alpatronix best iphone x battery cases

This case is the most expensive on the list, but with good reason. It’s the only battery case we’ve been able to find that supports wireless charging. Specially programmed to charge the phone first and the case second, it’s perfect for anyone who can’t bear to give up their new wireless charger for extra battery capacity. The 4,200mAh-rated battery should provide at least 12 extra hours of talk time, and the design should provide some protection against drops and bumps. The downsides? The case charges by Micro USB connection, and while you can still connect to your PC with that, that means no Lightning headphones. It’s also fairly bulky, adding a sizeable chin to the bottom of the device. Still, this is a solid battery case that offers what no one else does at the moment. Oh, and it comes with a free iPhone X tempered glass screen protector too!

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