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The best HTC U12 Plus cases to keep your phone safe and beautiful

HTC U12 Plus Review
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So you’re a fan of the HTC U12 Plus — and why shouldn’t you be? HTC has outdone itself once again with a device that is packed to the brim with the latest powerful hardware, an impressive camera suite, and some utterly gorgeous good looks. But even with all that backing it up, the U12 Plus isn’t invincible, and that’s why, if you want your phone to keep looking pretty and stay crack and scratch-free, you better look at getting some protection for it.

But where to start? There is nowhere better than right here — we found the best HTC U12 Plus cases that will keep your phone safe.

Skinomi Brushed Steel Skin ($16)

best htc u12 plus cases skinomi

If you want a modicum of protection, but don’t like the feeling of cases, or don’t like adding extra bulk to your phone, then a skin is probably the way forward. This skin from Skinomi isn’t exactly the same thing as a case, in that it’s essentially a textured sticker that you can lay across your phone in order to give it a new look — but it will protect your phone from some surface-level scratches, even if it won’t give it any extra protection against things like drops and bumps. It comes in a variety of looks, not just the brushed steel we’ve highlighted, and each one comes with a free screen protector for extra protection against scratches.

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Olixar Flexishield Gel Case ($7)

best htc u12 plus cases olixar

If you’re looking for something with a decent amount of all-around protection and don’t want to break the bank or slap on a bulky case, then a simple gel case is for you. The Olixar Flexishield is made from TPU, a shock-absorbent and resistant soft material that also provides a good amount of additional grip. The soft TPU material won’t protect as well as a larger, bulkier case, but it will protect against bumps, smaller drops, and other threats by simply absorbing some of the shock. It has a raised bezel around the outer edges to stop your phone from touching down on surfaces, and it has cutouts for all the ports and functions.

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Mobile Fun

BasicStock Hard PC Protective Case ($7)

best htc u12 plus cases basicstock

If you want something a little harder than TPU, then check out this polycarbonate (PC) case from BasicStock. PC is a hard, lightweight material that’s great at resisting scratches and damage and it won’t add extra bulk to your phone, because it’s extremely thin and light. It won’t be able to resist drops as well as a TPU case, due to the material being less flexible, but it’s better than nothing. It has a nice, smooth texture laid over the PC material, lending extra grip to your phone, and the subtle black design adds a quiet style to your HTC U12 Plus.

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Yuqoka PU Leather Wallet Case ($8)

best htc u12 plus cases yuqoka

What is better for imparting an air of casual, executive style to a phone than a wallet case? This wallet case from Yuqoka is made from PU leather, which is a durable, easy-to-maintain alternative to real leather that is pretty tough to tell apart from real leather while being a fraction of the price. The flip cover rests over your screen when not in use, working with the inner TPU shell to keep your phone protected and can be folded back around the phone when in use to form a handy horizontal kickstand. It lives up to the “wallet” in its name with a card slot for credit cards or spare cash, and the soft feeling of the outside of the case and subtle elegance impacts a luxury feel to your phone at a bargain price.

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Moonmini Hard PU Leather Case ($8)

best htc u12 plus cases moonmini

If wallet cases aren’t your thing, but you love the aesthetic of leather, then this stylish case from Moonmini might be your case of choice. It’s made from PU leather layered over hard PC, so it imparts all of PC’s hard protection, while also showcasing the elegant style of PU leather. The leather is formed into two sections, a two-tone pattern of black leather at the top and brown below, with fake stitching between the two. It’s soft in the hand, giving extra grip thanks to the leather texture, and the design really gives a new style to your already beautiful HTC U12 Plus.

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Poetic Karbon Shield ($10)

best htc u12 plus cases poetic

Good-looking protection can be hard to find, but this protective case from Poetic is a great example of how it’s done correctly. With a rugged, carbon fiber design and texture, the Karbon Shield provides all the soft, shock-absorbing protection of TPU, while also sporting futuristic good looks. It’s thin, adding only 0.1-inch onto the thickness of your HTC U12 Plus, and the carbon fiber texture provides extra grip for your device. There are even molded button covers for your phone’s buttons, keeping those otherwise vulnerable areas safe. All in all, it’s a great protective TPU case that doesn’t add bulk to your phone.

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