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The best gardening apps for the green-fingered

It doesn’t matter whether you’re green-fingered or horticulturally hopeless, the best gardening apps can help you to create wonderful gardens, grow delicious food, and become a brilliant botanist. Even if you have an apartment with no outdoor space, there are plenty of great gadgets for indoor gardens available to those who have no intention of stepping outside.

Below, we’ve put together a list of handy gardening apps that will help you identify plants, get expert advice, deal with pests, and plan a garden than will be the envy of your neighbors. You can also find more great app suggestions in our comprehensive roundups of the best Android apps and best iPhone apps, along with our guide on how to grow herbs indoors.

Garden Tags

Best gardening apps - Garden Tags

This popular gardening app is home to a large community of friendly gardeners who are quick to offer care advice, identification help, and handy tips. You can keep a photographic journal of your garden and get reminders about pruning, or advice on the best spots for growth. You can also search the encyclopedia, see what’s popular, and follow other gardeners when you find plants and gardens that you really like. This is a great app for design inspiration.

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Best gardening apps - GrowIt!

GrowIt allows you to join an enthusiastic community of gardeners, helping you to find inspiration, gather information, and share your own cultivations with the world.  This gardening app is good if you want to find out what plants will grow well in your local area. You’ll also find useful advice catalogued in projects and you can add your own, too. You can even ask the community to help you identify specific plants, and you can rate other people’s gardens and check out the cream of the crop if you’re in need of some ideas.

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Garden Answers Plant Identifier

Best gardening apps - Garden Answers Plant Identifier

With Garden Answers Plant Identifier, you can snap a photo of a plant you want to identify and submit it to find out what it is. This is easily one of the best free gardening apps in existence, namely because it can automatically recognize more than 20,000 plants. If it can’t identify the plant in question, then you can also pay $2 to get an expert identification from a botanist with additional information and advice on its care. This app also identifies pests and has a robust Q&A section that covers more than 200,000 of the most common gardening queries.

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Best gardening apps - SmartPlant

This app has an enormous plant library, but the real attraction is the ability to snap and upload a picture of a plant or pest and have an expert gardener identify it on your behalf. It also allows you to add your plants and generate a care calendar, which will send you notifications and remind you of what you need to do each month to order to keep your plants healthy. You can submit a couple of photos for free, but unlimited use of the app, expert care advice, chat functions, and regional notifications require a subscription ($6 a month or $35 for the year). This app was formerly known as PlantSnapp, prior to merging with Garden Compass.

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Gardenate ($1)

Best gardening apps - Gardenate

If you’re looking for a simple calendar for planting garden vegetables that comes with an assortment of useful hints and tips, then you should take a look at this app. With Gardenate, you can plan your garden, set a schedule, access detailed information on different vegetables, and use the “Planting now” tab to see what to plant each month. It’s minimalist and straightforward, making it a good alternative to many of the social media-style gardening apps on our list. Vegetable growers with Android devices should also check out Gardroid.

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