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Techy sports we will all be watching in the (not-too-distant) future

Science fiction has kind of gotten our hopes up about the future of sport. Okay, so a lot of them look pretty dangerous, or downright dystopian, but who wouldn’t fancy tuning into the deadly transcontinental car race from Death Race 2000, Futuresport’s combination of rollerblading and hoverboards, or Star Trek: Voyager “Tsunkatse” combat sport?

Sadly, real life has yet to deliver any of these to our screens — but that’s not to say that tech isn’t changing sport as we know it. Move over FIFA World Cup; here are our picks for the future sports we totally think are going to be everywhere in a few years.


fifa esports competition
Aurelien Meunier/FIFA/Getty Images

Watching other people playing video games used to be something you only did when you had a group of friends over, and everyone was taking turns playing. Today, it’s a major, honest-to-goodness sport with some serious money — and viewership — behind it.

According to a recent report from marketing research company Newzoo, 2018 revenue for eSports is likely to hit $905 million, and to top $1 billion next year. Packed audiences will turn up to watch their favorite gamers compete live, while the rise of platforms like Twitch have helped take eSports to the next level. Heck, eSport superstars like Tyler “Ninja” Blevin can earn around $500,000 per month playing Fortnite. That’s more than some NBA players!

Particularly since the viewership of eSports is in the always-attractive-to-advertisers sub-35-years-old category, we only expect this field to go from strength-to-strength.

Bionic Olympics

Cybathlon athlete
Erik Tham/Getty Images

When it comes to sports, we have a complex relationship with performance enhancers. Most of us agree that things like steroids are bad, but we still love to see records broken on a regular basis in superhuman fashion. We admire the Rocky IV montage of Rocky Balboa sculpting his body to physical perfection with only the most basic tools, and yet those of us who love tech also lust after the high tech super-gym where Ivan Drago trains.

The truth is that, more and more, we’re all becoming cyborg creatures, blending man or woman and machine — and so are our athletes. With that in mind, we expect to see more events like the Cybathalon, a bionic Olympics which allows augmented humans (in this case, those with disabilities) to compete using the latest exosuit assistive tech. These assistive suits will allow athletes to be faster, stronger, and more agile — promising some exciting competition in the process.

Drone racing