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Super Mario Run hits iPhone and iPad Dec. 15 with full unlock for $9.99

Super Mario Run, the iOS game Nintendo revealed at Apple’s September event, will arrive on the App Store December 15. The game will be free to download, with some elements available to try, and a $9.99 one-time in-app purchase will provide access to the full game, which Nintendo says will include three modes.

The game stars the titular Mario, as he propels himself through a platforming world. Players control his jumping via taps on the screen, but the model is “endless runner”-style play, whereby motion is continuous and the player interjects to avoid obstacles and pull off fancier moves.

This is the first mobile version of a Mario game from Nintendo, and will appear on iOS first for an exclusive window before becoming available on Android at some later date still to be revealed.

Mario’s appearance on stage at the September event made quite a splash, since Nintendo franchises on iOS is  something gamers have been asking for basically since iOS has been a thing.

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