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Square-Enix Announces Final Fantasy XIV Online GO For Mobile

Hot on the heels of major multiplayer games offering crossplay versions of their games on mobile, Square-Enix is bringing the core essence of Final Fantasy XIV right to your phones: gathering.

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO, which stands for Gathering Outdoors, is an AR Final Fantasy experience that puts all the best parts of the MMORPG into a Pokemon GO-like experience. The screen illuminates your surroundings in gathering nodes and lets you tap to your heart’s content. Go to new and interesting places and gather as much as possible.

Additionally, the creators have been working with a preeminent Japanese design company on the Final Fantasy XIV Online GO harvesting stick for your phone, allowing you to transform your phone into a pickaxe or fishing rod to maximize your chances at gathering your resources.

You can check out the trailer for the new and highly-requested experience below.

Square-Enix takes no responsibility for smashed phones due to overeagerness. You can check out the app’s website here.


Our Take
I think I like this joke better than last year’s when they created an Ivalice-related spinoff that looked amazing and I actually wanted. I was skeptical of this just being a takedown of Pokemon Go until they showed the harvesting stick, which was a pretty good punchline.

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