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Spotify Stations is the Pandora alternative we need

You can add more stations as you see fit. A button in the top left corner brings up a menu where you can add more channels based on an artist (or artists, if you’re feeling fancy) or a genre-specific mix. If you opt for either of the artist routes, you can tell the app to only play that performer or to include similar acts in the mix. For genres, stations get more specific. For example, Hip-Hop has options for “New Rap,” “Old School Hip-Hop” and “Lo-Fi Beats,” just to name a few. The app lists the kinds of artists you can expect to hear on a station and it lets you preview before you commit to adding to your lineup.

All of your stations reside on the main screen of the app in clean, bold typography, and the list itself serves as the main navigation. When you scroll through the list, the station changes, which makes browsing a bit of a headache. However, when go back to a station you previously played, the music picks up right where you left off.

Spotify Stations

Nothing is permanent when you create a station. If you need to edit, just tap on the station name. From there, you can update the name of the station itself or add/remove artists. You can also change whether or not you want similar artists to be part of the rotation.

Below the stations list is the player. And much like Pandora’s radio option, the controls are very simple. You only have play/pause and skip to the next song — no skipping backwards. If you’re a free user, you won’t be able to skip tracks at all. Pandora also limits functionality on stations based on your plan. The handy thumbs up and thumbs down buttons are here as well, so you can let Spotify know when you are/aren’t happy with a song it selected. Again, that’s another standard feature of Pandora.

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