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Spider-Man: All Secret Photo Op Locations

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 features secret Photo Ops that don’t appear on the map like their Landmark counterparts – and don’t even award any Landmark Tokens when their picture is taken.

However, these Secret Photo Ops can be found in some unlikely places, and not only do they award 100 XP per shot, but finding all 50 Secret Photo Op Locations will award you a hidden Suit, the ESU Suit. Since you only need the camera which becomes available during the Landmarking Main Mission, you can obtain this suit fairly early in the story if you wish.

Secret Photo Ops, unlike Landmarks, do not appear on the map – even when you unlock the districts by un-scrambling the Oscorp Towers. The only way you can even get them to be revealed is through a Level 50 Suit Mod, though they will only show up on your minimap when you are close.

When you find what you believe to be a Secret Photo Op, take out your camera and look around – if the indicator goes to green, you’ll know you have one targeted. However, they will not be marked on your map once taken.

See locations for all Secret Photo Ops below, divided up by district:

There are 8 Secret Photo Ops found in the Financial District area.

The Statue of Liberty can be found on a small island South of the Financial District, and is technically the only Photo Op not on Manhattan island – requiring you to take it from the boardwalks South of Battery Park.

This landmark appears in place of the Charging Bull statue on the South end of the Financial District near Battery Park, at the edge of triangular intersection between two streets.

Located near the North Cove Yacht Harbor on the West side of the Financial District, it can be seen by the red flowers painted on the windows of a ground-floor building with food tables outside, not far from the harbor itself.

One of two pylons on the Battery Park Esplanade, located next to the Noth Cove Yacht Harbor on the West side of the Financial District.

A Statue of an unknown woman north of the center of the Financial District in front of a large courthouse below the local Police Department to the East.

On the far Northwestern side of the Financial District is a long pier with a sign at the front titled New York Pier.

A theater located on the Northwest side of the Financial District that boasts a yellow sign and a long red carpet and plaza.

The Puck Building is an iconic red-brick building located in the Northeast side of the Financial Distrct, featuring two statues of the fairy-like character, Puck, from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

There are 8 Secret Photo Ops found in Chinatown.

Located on the South side of Chinatown, it’s the only Secret Photo Op to actually have its own marker on the map, but any part of the building will work. This is also the same building where you meet Captain Watanabe in the mission, Keeping the Peace.

Also located in the Southwestern end of Chinatown, look for four converging alleyways to the West of the Chinatown Police Department to find art of Rhino on the side of a building.

Found under the ramp to the Willamsburg Bridge in Eastern Chinatown, look for a skatepark with a large dog stenciled onto the floor.

Despite its name, in this game it is actually located near the entrance to the Willamsburg Bridge, West along the road from the ramp to the bridge.

On the middle East side of Chinatown, you actually visit this pizza place during the Home Sweet Home main mission. It’s located just a bit to the Northwest of the Smog Alert Research Station.

Located in the Northeast side of Chinatown around the +-shaped buildings where Stuytown is, look for a fountain in the center.

This street art is found on the corner of 12th and Roger Street, In the top central area of Chinatown not far from Stuytown and one of Black Cat‘s Stakeouts in this district.

Located at the top North-Western edge of Chinatown is the set of buildings called the HEART Clinic, and in the middle is a plaza with a statue, located just to the North of the Under Pressure Research Station.

There are just 3 Secret Photo Ops located in the Greenwich District.

This building is found on the top Northwestern edge of Greenwich along the water, with a large print on the side of the building facing the water displaying the museum name.

Historic gay bar located on the West side of Greenwich, displayed by a rainbow pride flag and large rainbow art along the side of the building, it is located just East of Octavius Industries.

This wall art is located above the Roxxon Gas Station on the corner of 7th and Carmine in the middle of the Greenwich district, and depicts Jameson as a large baby.

There are only 3 Secret Photo Ops located in the Hell’s Kitchen District.

This wall art can be found on the side of a large building in the Southwest corner of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s found next to a long walking bridge above an auto shop where you spy on a thug during the Spiderman P.I. Side Mission.

You can find the iconic business of Matt Murdock and his pal Foggy Nelson near the center of Hell’s Kitchen on the North end, located just across the street from the Josie’s Bar landmark, and near a Demon Hideout.

A large grain refinery building near the wharf in the Northwestern area of Hell’s Kitchen can be found across from the shipyards, where the building sign is facing and heavily defaced with graffiti.

There are 4 Secret Photo Opts located in the Midtown District.

You can find this large statue just next to Fisk Tower at the edge of Midtown, Hell’s Kitchen, and Central Park.

This large building with the clock at the top with a green dome is found where Times Square begins, just to the South of the Times Square Landmark.

This small round plaza with a single tree between two large buildings is found near the top Northeast corner of Midtown, located beyond signs for the Social News Collective and CDA Women’s Health, located to the North of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

This Wall art featuring koi fish can be found on the far Northeast side of Midtown, North of the United Nations, at the site of a Sable Camp later in the game.

There are a total of 4 Secret Photo Ops to find in the Upper East Side.

This library is found in the lower Southwest corner of the Upper East Side. The library’s entrance faces North, and displays banners for Greek Myths inside.

You can find this small plaza down some stairs on the side of Park Ave in the Upper East Side near the center – and it’s directly across the street from the Avengers Tower.

This Museum is found on the Northwest side of the Upper East Side, bordering the Central Park and just North of the Guggenheim Museum.

This outdoor bar area is located in the Northeast area of the Upper East Side, just a bit Northeast of the local Police Department, and South of a Black Cat Stakeout in this area.

You can find a total of 4 Secret Photo Ops in the Central Park District.

This boat dock area is located just to the East of the Bethesda Fountain Landmark, in the central part of Central Park. You can find it on the north side of a pond near a bridge.

This large Egyptian Obelisk is located in Central Park, just to the West of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

This large castle is found on the West side of Central Park, opposite the Museum of Contemporary Art. Its also the setting of the Side Mission – Storming the Castle.

A small stone square area on a hill is found in the Northwest corner of Central Park, with a flapole coming out the top.

You can find a total of 5 Secret Photo Ops in the Upper West Side District.

EditSoldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

This large pillar monument is located on the edge of the Upper West Side along the waterfront, in a park on the lower Southwest area.

EditEagles and Prey Statue

Usually located in Central Park, this statue depicting two eagles attacking a mountain goat is located on the waterfront of the Upper West Side, near the middle of the park area above the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and near a Sable Outpost later in the game.

This Fire Station is located on the East side of the Upper West Side near Manhattan Ave and 79th, along an alley to the West of the Spider-Bot Research Station, and Southeast of the Police Department.

This small building is located in the parks on the waterfront in the Upper West Side, to the West of the local Police Department, surrounded by small greenhouses and just South of some tennis courts.

This large building and plaza features a flagpole in the middle with Oscorp lettering around it, and a central building near the North central area of the Upper West Side, and is featured during the main mission – The Heart of the Matter.

There are a grand total of 11 Secret Photo Ops that can be found in the Harlem District.

While normally located in the bottom right corner of Central Park, the William Sherman monument can be found at the edge of Harlem and the upper left corner of Central Park, depicted by a large gold statue of an angel leading a man on horseback in the middle of a large roundabout.

This large memorial is found in the Southwest corner of Harlem in the park area, just to the East of the Morningside University Campus.

This nondescript wall of graffiti can be found on Harlem’s East side, located at the onramp to the bridge leading out East, and you can find it on the road below on the side of a parking lot.

This monument can be found in the Southwest corner of the Trinity Cemetery in Northwest Harlem, and looks like a singular tower in the cemetery.

The grave for Peter Parker‘s favorite uncle can be found in the Northern corner of the Trinity Cemetary in Northwest Harlem, just to the Northwest of the Trinity Church itself, and is one of the view graves to actually display a name.

Note that interacting with the grave is also a Trophy requirement!

The main Trinity Church of the Trinity Cemetary can be found in the Northwest corner of Harlem, and you will appear here after the main mission: And the Award Goes To.


Two walls of rooftop art can be found just to the South of the Trinity Church and Cemetery in Northwestern Harlem, on the West-facing walls of a large building complex, featuring Eye of Providence triangles and flying pigs.

This large brick building complex can be found in the West side of Harlem, just South of the Ventilate the Problem Research Station, and has a large condemned entrance on the West side.

The biker gang hideout for Tombstone and his crew can be found in the middle of Harlem on the North side, not far from the Bar With No Name, and next to the middle bridge leading out of Harlem, in an alley.

It’s also the site of the final Tombstone Side Mission: Tombstone: Let’s Get Ready.

You can find a Mayoral Campaign Office for Norman Osborn in central Harlem, located at the corner of St. Nicholas and 120th street, South of The Bar With No Name landmark.

This secret garden can be found on the East side of Harlem, not far to the Southeast from the Visibly Shaken Research Station, and under one of the Prisoner Camps later in the game.

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