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Snag one of the best OnePlus 5 cases for peace of mind

The OnePlus 5 is a speedy, slick smartphone that offers great value for money. Compared to the top end of the market, it’s one of the best cheap phones you can buy. However, it’s not what you’d call a rugged device. There’s no water resistance here, and that slim, curved chassis is slippery. You’ve also got a protruding camera bump to worry about. Get yourself one of the best OnePlus 5 cases, and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your shiny new phone is protected.

OtterBox Case ($30)

OtterBox OnePlus 5 Case

We’re pleased to see OnePlus partnering with OtterBox because it means there’s a decent, rugged case on offer in time for release. This isn’t as protective as something like the OtterBox Defender, but it is going to guard against most drops and bumps. The inner layer is soft, black silicone and there’s a hard, polycarbonate shell, in black or red, that goes around the outside. The fit is perfect and you’ll find a nice big tapered cut-out to ensure there’s no interference with the dual lens camera.

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Otterbox OnePlus 

Official OnePlus 5 Protective Cases ($20+)

Official OnePlus 5 Protective Case

The range of official cases is quite varied, but they’re all minimalist shells with cut-outs for buttons, ports, and camera. The simple, polycarbonate, sandstone case will cost you $20, or you can pay another $5 for wood or Kevlar – we like the rosewood finish best. As we mentioned in our OnePlus 5 review, this is a very svelte phone, so the official cases are ideal if you don’t want to add bulk, but the flip-side of that is that they only offer limited protection.

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Official OnePlus 5 Flip Cover ($20)

Official OnePlus 5 Flip Cover

There is also a simple, fake leather, folio-style wallet case available for the OnePlus 5. It’s a shame that it’s made of polyurethane and not real leather, but that’s reflected in the price. Open the cover and you’ll find a thin plastic shell that hugs the corners of your phone to keep it in place. You have free access to all the ports and controls, and there’s a generous opening on the back for the camera. The cover also has a single slot for a credit card or ID. This one comes in gray or black.

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Dretal Defender Case ($8)

Dretal Defender Case

Here’s a case that certainly won’t break the bank. This offering combines an inner TPU layer that’s flexible and shock absorbent with a hard, plastic outer shell. There’s a slight lip to protect the screen and cut-outs for the ports and camera. The stand out feature is the kickstand on the back, which allows you to prop it in landscape view. This one comes in blue, red, gray, silver, or gold. We wouldn’t expect the greatest quality at this price, but if you blew your budget on the phone it might do.

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It’s slim pickings right now, but we’ll add more OnePlus 5 cases to this list just as soon as they hit the market.

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