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Reader Discussion – What Game Would You Like To See On The Switch?

The Switch promises to bring console-sized games with you anywhere, and that’s a really appealing thing to think about. There are tons of games that could work as time-wasters on the go. Which one would like to see may its way onto the Switch?

My immediate answer is Diablo III. I’ve been meaning to play some of it for a long time, but I only have the PC version, and I had to stop playing it because the mouse controls kind of started messing with my wrists, and then other things got in the way, and… anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve played it. And I think a portable version of the game would be killer! Even without the online features, it offers ton of stuff for players to do, and it works really well as something to play while you’re out doing stuff like doctor’s appointments. Put on some music or a podcast and just kill some demons!

What’s yours? Skyrim? GTAV? Something more obscure? Let us know in the comments.

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