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Reader Discussion – What Game Needs Crossplay?

Fellow Game Informer editor Imran Khan yesterday opined about how Sony’s hesitance to enter the world of wider crossplay with the PlayStation 4’s third-party multiplatform titles. It’s an issue worth talking about, both because it speaks to how companies can shift their public perception through issues like this and because damn it, more games should have crossplay so I don’t have to coordinate with my friends to buy a game on the same console.

For example, I’d absolutely love it if Destiny 2 were crossplay compatible. From what I’ve played of the PC version, I think I’d prefer playing the shooter there, as certain kinds of guns (like hand cannons) finally feel as good as they should, and faster aiming makes combat feel a lot snappier. But because most of my friends play the original on PS4, I’ll have to get that version instead (or, perform the dreaded double-dip).

So what game do you wish you could play with your friends across consoles? Hoping for Diablo III PC and console players to party up someday? Wish Overwatch’s ridiculous number of unlocks were available on all consoles? Wish you could battle your friends in Injustice 2 no matter what system they played on? Let us know!

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