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Picross S Announced, Coming To Switch Next Week

Picross originally came to Nintendo platforms with Mario’s Picross on Game Boy in 1995. Today, Jupiter announced the puzzle series will be making its way to Switch on Sept. 28.

Fans of the series have some new features to look forward to with Picross S. Players will now be able to cooperate or compete with a friend while solving puzzles. A new tutorial will ensure players start out on the right foot before delving into the game’s 300 puzzles, which range from 5×5 to 20×15 in size.

Picross requires players to fill in squares in a specific pattern using numbers next to each row and column. These numbers tell the player how many squares will be colored in (two twos, for example, means there are two sets of two colored boxes in that row, but there’s a gap between the two sets). Correctly following the instructions will typically leave players with a pretty picture. For more on the series, read Kyle Hilliard’s review of Picross 3D Round 2, which released last year on the 3DS.

[Source: Nintendo Everything]

Our Take
If you’re looking for a puzzle game to hold you over until Super Mario Odyssey releases Oct. 27, for $7.99 Picross S may be worth checking out. 

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