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Oxygen Not Included Tips and Tricks

This page includes the best tips and tricks for players who not only want to learn how to build a sustainable colony but wish to thrive in Oxygen Not Included.

When choosing a Duplicant to add to your colony, keep in mind the role they will need to fill.

Starting a new colony requires lots of digging, construction, and learning so aim for Dupes with skill points in those areas.

As you progress, the need for Duplicants who specialize in cooking, medicine, creativity, and tinkering will increase.This is where new Dupes can come in handy.

When looking at Duplicant stats, keep in mind that high stats typically come with negative traits and demanding expectations in Decor and Food Quality.

Attributes can be leveled up by assigning Dupes to tasks that target the areas they aren’t good at.

When Duplicants level up, their Decor Expectation and taste in Food Quality will increase.

If your colony doesn’t meet these standards, your Dupes’ stress level will increase by 10% per cycle.

There are four Duplicant stress responses to look out for in Oxygen Not Included:

  • Binge Eater: Duplicant consumes entire food supply in the colony.
  • Destructive: Duplicant inflicts damage to nearby structures and equipment.
  • Ugly Crier: Duplicant cries and floods colony with water.
  • Vomiter: Duplicant vomits and floods colony with polluted water.

Symptoms begin to show when a Dupe reaches a stress level of 60% and trigger when stress level reaches 100%.

Reduce stress by incorporating stress-reducing furniture and decor into their daily life.

This includes paintings, sculptures, potted plants, brightly-lit workstations, assigned cots and mess tables, quality food, and plenty of clean oxygen.

Polluted oxygen, dirt, and water might seem useless and troublesome but these are the key to sustaining your colony.

Use items such as the Air Deodorizer, Compost, Fertilizer Maker, and Water Purifier to recycle polluted resources.

Print Dupes sparingly. The more Duplicants there are, the less resources for everyone.

Water is the lifeblood of your colony. Before settling on a map, take a quick look around to make sure there’s plenty of water.

Gases fall in your colony according to their weight and saturation.From lightest to heaviest is Hydrogen, Helium, Polluted Oxygen, Oxygen, Natural Gas, Chlorine, and Carbon Dioxide.

Allow gas to travel freely by placing Pneumatic Doors throughout your colony. This prevents unbreathable gas from getting trapped in parts of your colony and makes gas management easier.

Use the Prioritization command on the bottom right-hand corner to signal which tasks are the most important.

High priority tasks can include Manual Generators, Microbe Mushers, resource delivery, and any sudden accidents that might occur.

All tasks are set to a priority of 5 by default but Prioritization begins with the lowest being 1 and the highest being 9.

In the top right-hand corner, you can select JOBS and manage each Dupe’s tasks. Make sure they’re assigned to tasks they’re good at while also keeping in mind they should play a part in keeping things running smoothly.

A Dupes primary job will always be their highest leveled skill.

Wake up Narcoleptic Duplicants by clicking on them and using the Move To command.

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