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Online Viewership For Esports Surges Among Millennials

A recent study conducted by Limelight Networks has found that millennials are viewing esports online in greater numbers, with the numbers of 18-25 year olds watching esports over other content increasing.

The study polled five hundred people of various ages in Europe, South and Southeast Asia, and the United States to study their content consumption in online video. In the age breakdown of the results, it is revealed that millennials prefer to watch esports online even over regular sports, though the accessibility (or lack thereof) of physical professional sports online muddies that comparison up quite a bit. While esports can be easily found free on Twitch with voluntary donations, something like the NFL Sunday Ticket costs $280 for four months, so popularity and desire to watch are unlikely to be the sole motivators for that choice.

The numbers are encouraging for esports, however, and with over five million viewers watching EVO’s finals this year, esports is quickly becoming more than just an online thing. You can find a link to the full study below.

[Source: The State of Online Video 2017]

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