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No Man's Sky: How to Make Money Quickly in the Latest Update

No Man’s Sky’s vast universe is full of challenge and adventure, and you’ll need every bit of currency you can muster to afford the best Ships and equipment. Here are a few helpful tips for making money in No Man’s Sky. Want to earn Units? Here’s how.

Video Guide: How to Make Money Quickly

When exploring a planet, keep an eye out for the abandoned buildings infested by weird growths, and surrounded by patches of creepy eggs.


You can find them just by exploring, or by crafting a Signal Booster and using Navigation Data to search for Distress Signals.

Once at the abandoned building, you can inspect the many Whispering Eggs in clumps around the place, and destroy them for a chance to reveal a Larval Core – which are worth a ton of money.


However, disturbing a single egg will invoke the wrath of biological horrors – terrifying aliens that are incredibly vicious and aggressive, and will swarm you at once.

Because of this, farming eggs is a tricky business – but luckily, these aliens can’t get off the ground, while you can. Once you break an egg, quickly grab the core and then jetback boost onto the roof of the building. From here, you can scope out the place to break open eggs with only a few horrors nearby, rush down and grab one, before retreating back to the roof. You can also take cover inside the building too, and you may even find health packs inside.

You’ll still need to act carefully – most times the aliens take a moment to charge you, but if they swarm you quickly you may lose shielding and even health rapidly. It’s best to let your shield recharge in-between attempts, just in case. There are many egg clusters all over the site, and just two stacks of larval cores will sell for just under a million – making these places a great grinding spot, especially if you can find a trading post nearby.

The following tips were submitted before the No Man’s Sky NEXT update

Putting down on some planets reveals a number of facts about flora and fauna, but it also points out when some worlds are “Resource Rich.”


Planets identified as such are absolutely teeming with minerals and custom-made for mining, which in turn means more reselling and faster earnings.

You can also accidentally come across valuable plants while exploring. For example Sac Venom. Some planets have plenty of those, and it’s quite fast farming method :