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Mothergunship Tips and Tricks

The MOTHERGUNSHIP tips and tricks below are spoiler-free. Use these tips (provided by the dev team!) to improve your crafting, combat, and survival skills.


  1. Never underestimate the value of higher tier weapon parts. A gun with a lot of barrels might not be as powerful as a gun with a single higher tier part.
  2. The true measurement for gun awesomeness in MOTHERGUNSHIP is “Damage Per Unit Energy”. Think in terms of how much damage you can do with your gun before it needs to recharge, and you’ll have a better chance to survive!
  3. Get to learn the barrel types. Rockets are slow but pack a heavy hit. Grenades are hard to control but have massive AOE. Railguns are instant hit and high damage but are costly to fire. Knowing how to handle your gun is crucial to survival.
  4. Rusted weapons aren’t nearly as cool looking so of course they aren’t as powerful. Pay attention to the weapon tiers and look out for Legendary Parts!


  1. Prioritize your enemies–picking off the big tougher guys may not always be the smartest move first. Look for healers and healing pylons, as those are going to compromise your efforts.
  2. Dodging in an FPS bullet hell requires a lot more than just strafing back and forth. Don’t forget you have a lot of vertical freedom as well.
  3. Remember that many, but not all turrets have limited turn angles. Use this to your advantage. Find safe places to stand amidst all the chaos.
  4. Shield Pylons help the enemy…but they can also help you! Clear out a nest and enjoy a safe haven!
  5. Bombots don’t just hurt you when they explode. Time when you set them off and you can set off a whole chain of carnage.
  6. Almost every bullet in MOTHERGUNSHIP is a projectile that takes time to reach its target. This impacts you as well as mobs. Don’t forget to lead your shots!
  7. Watch your energy closely. A burned out gun takes longer to recharge than if you simply let up on firing. If you look close, the crosshairs reflect your gun energy so you never have to look away from the action.
  8. Don’t underestimate your fists. Especially if you upgrade them in the armory.
  9. Pick your fights; Sometimes it may be better to not clear a room completely and get away with your life.
  10. The further you go in the campaign, the more likely Door Guards are to spawn. However, with the added risk comes extra rewards.
  11. See a different colored enemy? Beware-that could be a champion. Or, perhaps it’s a golden mob! Either way, it’ll drop better stuff!
  12. Don’t be discouraged if you die in a mission. You may lose your parts, but you keep your money and XP, which is helpful in the long run.


  1. Loot Despawns quickly–if you want that cash, don’t wait around!
  2. Lost your favorite gunpart? There’s a rumor that there’s a Lost and Found shop in the HQ somewhere..
  3. You can open airlocks from a distance by shooting at them. That can help you make a quick exit..but don’t forget to account for the slow opening of the door!
  4. Mobility is a currency in and of itself in MOTHERGUNSHIP. Keep your eyes peeled for upgrades, explore every corner, and make sure you spend those experience points in the Armory!
  5. Getting airtime in MOTHERGUNSHIP is a great way to level the playing field a little, allowing you to use your aircontrol and momentum to help dodge the firefight. Look around the playing field for boost rings, jump pads, special gunparts, and other ways to get airborne.
  6. Each type of ship has its own kinds of challenges. The Foundry has grinders and molten steel, along with more flamethrowers and bloaters. The Neon Set leans more on boosts, vertical movement, and mammoth spaces.
  7. Running low on gunparts? Try and take on some forced-loadout side missions. This can be a low risk way to gather some potentially solid parts to get you back in the main fight.
  8. You can re-spec at any time for free in the HQ Armory. Use this to your advantage. Going into a Foundry Ship? Maybe a bit more environmental resistance would be a smart idea!
  9. Keep an eye out for special ships. They offer unique kinds of surprises…and sometimes offer some great rewards!
  10. Shops are only useful if you have the money to spend in them. And money only comes from combat. Leaving a room early means you won’t have as much to spend later.
  11. Some walls have spikes in them. They will take a stab at you if you get close!
  12. Secrets can save you from a tough spot… but they can be quite elusive. There’s an armory upgrade in the HQ to help with that.
  13. If you run into trouble, you can find extra health in shops, but for a cost of course.
  14. Diceroll rooms offer a bit of a gamble, but they are worth it for that chance to see every enemy drop an “extra jump” upgrade.
  15. If you’re looking for money, also look for Challenge Doors. Every challenge you win will net you a big coin.

Did you reach the endgame? Think carefully about which missions to tackle first. Neon missions are hard, but perhaps it’s better to clear out the force-loadout missions instead. And look out for DLC on the way!


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