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Missed Sony's Tokyo Games Show Conference? We've Got A Summary Right Here!

Every year, Sony holds a press conference for Japanese press about their games lineup and 2017 is obviously no different. While not a whole lot is relevant to western audiences, there’s always a few game and port announcements to check out. On the off chance that you weren’t awake at 3:00 AM or don’t speak Japanese, don’t worry, we got your back and put up this handy-dandy little summary for you.

– The opening montage was a rap written specifically about Sony’s Japanese games line up. I don’t know what rhymes with Destiny 2 in Japanese, but I’m sure they made it work.
– Morita of Sony Entertainment Japan is your host.
– 60.4 million PS4s have been sold worldwide.
– November 3rd new colors for Dualshock 4s in Japan, including some translucent variations.
– October 19, Gran Turismo sport LE PS4 will be released.
– November 3rd, Call of Duty WWII Camo PS4, same as in America.

– Call of Duty WWII trailer, dubbed in Japanese.
 – Ni No Kuni 2 trailer with new footage, entirely in English.
– Earth Defense Force 5 trailer, the new enemy type in this game are amphibians.
– Red Dead Redemption 2, same as the reveal trailer.
– Dynasty Warriors 9, early 2018 with a limited edition PS4 model.
– Minecraft Story Mode Season 2, dubbed in Japanese.
– Dissidia NT, set for release early next year.
– Shadow of the Colossus with a new trailer, which you can find right here.
– Final Fantasy IX PS4, up on PSN.
– Multiple “Princes” games such as Code: Realize, Diabolic Lovers, and others.
– Idolmaster Stella Stage, out on December 31 in Japan.
 – Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2, a sequel to a free-to-play title only available in Asia.

– Playstation VR section.
– Gran Turismo Sport
– The Inpatient
– Ark Park
– Inexplicably, Gungrave VR, a return to a series not seen since the PS2
– A Train Exp
– Zone of the Enders VR, you can find more details here.
– Neko Atsume VR
– Japan Studio VR Musical Festival and VR Digital Theater, watch concerts of Sony games using PSVR.
– News VR
– Nico Nico on PS4, PSVR

– Hidden Agenda, the cool new game from the makers of Until Dawn.

– Animax Channel
– Kid Star Project

– Fist of the North Star from the Yakuza Team, releasing on February 22, 2018.
– Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, Unreal Engine, a seemingly higher-budget Earth Defense Force from Yukes.
– 13 Sentinels Aegis Rain, a Vanillaware game about mechs
– Detroit
– Virtual On Crossover With A Certain Magical Index
– Left Alive, a survival shooter from Square-Enix with Yoji Shinkawa on character designs. You can find more information here.
– Monster Hunter World, simultaneous worldwide release on January 26, 2018 with a Monster Hunter PS4 Pro in Japan. You can find our write up on it here.

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