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Microsoft shares pre-order details for the $319 Cortana thermostat

GLAS is powered by a Windows 10 IoT Core and features a gorgeous translucent touch display. You can control the temperature, check the weather, monitor both indoor and outdoor air quality and more. GLAS will keep track of the air quality and adjust its settings to ensure your home is comfortable. Like Nest, GLAS will learn your preferred temperatures and routines and make adjustments as needed.

Users can also take advantage of Cortana, which is integrated into the smart thermostat, to control GLAS. You can say things like, “Hey Cortana, adjust the temperature to 70 degrees,” and the thermostat will respond and change settings accordingly. GLAS will also have similar functionality to a smart speaker. Cortana can check traffic, take a look at the weather, answer questions, tell you about your calendar and more.

It’s certainly a gorgeous thermostat; its transparent display would make an excellent conversation piece. But $319 isn’t cheap, especially when you consider that the least expensive Nest is just $169. However, if you’re planning on using the GLAS as both a thermostat and a smart speaker, the price becomes more palatable. I’m not sure who is actually going to buy this thermostat, but you can’t deny it looks great.

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