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Mario Odyssey: What Happens When You Get Every Power Moon

In Super Mario Odyssey, the usual Power Stars of the Mushroom Kingdom have been replaced by Power Moons. These collectible items are found all over the various Kingdoms in the game, and are used to power up the Odyssey flying machine.

Over the course of the game, you will need a minimum amount of Power Moons from a current Kingdom to power up the Odyssey to travel to new Kingdoms.

Some of these Power Moons will be given as a reward for completing main objectives, while many more are found hidden everywhere: Completing challenges, solving puzzles, performing difficult platforming sections – and much more.

Additionally, after completing the main story, Power Moons will unlock additional Costumes and Kingdoms, and you can also earn Achievements for collecting certain amounts of them.

Note that upon first arriving at a Kingdom, there will be a certain number of total Power Moons listed in that area. However, many Power Moons will not become available to find until certain events have occurred – like completing the main objectives in that region, or completing the entire main story. In addition to this, completing the main story allows for the ability to reveal several more Power Moons in an area – and will raise the total number of Power Moons in that Kingdom.

For a list of all known Power Moon Locations – how to find, collect, and complete any associated challenges – see the list below:

Caution – Post Game Spoilers Apply Below – read on at your own risk!

There are many Power Moons to find in Super Mario Odyssey, and only some are needed to complete the main story, and others still to unlock new content – so what is needed and when?

Most of the Kingdoms you’ll travel to need a certain number of Power Moons to power up the Odyssey to fly to the next Kingdom. Totaled – you’ll need a minimum of 124 Power Moons to open the way to completing the Main Story.

After this, you’ll unlock the Post Game, and with it, new options are available to you. Obtaining more Power Moons past this point can still unlock new areas to explore and other goodies as well

New previously unobtainable Power Moons are now available, and you can collect all the Base Power Moons in each of the main Kingdoms (including Mushroom Kingdom) to get a total of 556 Power Moons.

Additionally, each of the Kingdoms (excluding Mushroom Kingdom and the other unlockablve areas) has a Moon Rock that will unlock even more Power Moons to find, and the Archivist Toadette at the Mushroom Kingdom will reward you for completing achievements with more Power Moons. Collecting all Power Moons from these achievements and Moon Rocks (and getting the Power Moons in the unlockable regions) will bring you to a grand total of 834.

However, at this point – you still have the option to collect more Power Moons by way of buying the limitless amounts from all Crazy Cap Shops. You can buy 165 additional Power Moons using this method for a grand total of 999 Power Moons.

for a list of all rewards unlocked from Power Moons – see the list below (Note that costumes require an additional Gold Coin fee to purchase):

Power Moons Needed Unlockable Reward
160 Luigi Outfit
180 Luigi Cap
220 Doctor Outfit
240 Doctor Headwear
250 Dark Side of the Moon Region
260 Waluigi Suit
280 Waluigi Cap
300 Diddy Kong Suit
320 Diddy Kong Cap
340 Wario Suit
360 Wario Cap
380 Hakama
420 Bower’s Tuxedo
440 Bowser’s Top Hat
460 Bridal Gown
480 Bridal Veil
500 Darker Side of the Moon Region,
Gold Mario Suit
520 Gold Mario Cap
540 Metal Mario Suit (64-era)
560 Metal Mario Cap (64-era)

Additionally, after obtaining 999 Power Moons, the Odyssey will be completely filled – and you can head to Peach’s Castle to find a giant Top Hat adorning the castle. Getting to the top of the hat and spinning Cappy will trigger a small cutscene of appreciation.

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