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Make the most of your iPhone with these awesome accessories

The sheer variety of iPhone accessories on the market is astounding. You can enhance your Apple smartphone and add all sorts of useful functionality with the right accessories. We’ve dealt with the best iPhone 7 cases and the best iPhone 7 Plus cases. We’ve even taken a close look at waterproof, wireless charging, and battery cases. If you want an iPhone dock, we have you covered, and there’s no shortage of great portable battery chargers out there.

Today we’re going to look further afield and suggest some iPhone accessories that you might not have considered. If you want to get a bit more out of your phone, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for the iPhone owner in your life, we have plenty of suggestions.

Nomad Rugged Cable ($30)

Nomad Rugged Cable

If you’re more adventurous and looking for an accessory to sustain all the elements, this Rugged Cable by Nomad is super durable. Not only is it dirt resistant, but its designed with sealed caps to keep all the dirt and filth out. Equipped with a Lightning connector and USB, the cable is compatible with the iPhone 5 through the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The custom designed liquid silicone rubber tie also wraps easily around the cable to keep it from becoming frayed after consistent use.

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Kenu Stance Tripod ($25)

Kenu Stance Tripod

This is an incredibly handy, compact tripod for your iPhone, one that allows you to prop up your device in either landscape or portrait view. It’s great for shooting video and photography, or for hands-free reading and video conferencing. The tripod is pocket-sized when folded, and you can easily adjust the three legs to find the perfect angle. Kenu recently tweaked the original design, too, resulting in a stronger Lightning port connector and an added keyring attachment. The latter component even doubles as a bottle opener.

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Insta360 Nano Camera ($165)

Insta360 Nano Camera

If you’re jumping on the VR bandwagon and you want to be able to shoot your own 360-degree videos, then this handy iPhone accessory will let you do it. The Insta360 Nano slots into the Lightning port and features dual 210-degree fisheye lenses. You can shoot video at 3,040 x 1,520-pixel resolution and 30 frames per second, and the footage from the two lenses is stitched together to form a complete 360-degree video that you can watch using your iPhone and the cardboard VR headset that comes in the box. You can also share videos, or even stream live to Facebook.

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TuneBand Sports Armband ($22)

TuneBand Sports Armband

Working out or running with your iPhone can be problematic. You want your phone with you in case you get a call or text message, and so you can listen to tunes, but you don’t want it bouncing around in your pocket. There are a few armbands on the market, but we like the two-piece design of the TuneBand. The armband features a flexible, silicone case that your iPhone fits into, along with openings for easy access to your phone’s controls and ports. The case also comes with adjustable Velcro straps, allowing for a fit that’s as secure as it is comfortable.

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Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount and Case ($100)

Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount and Case

Cyclists will love this mount and case combo for the iPhone, which consists of a simple mount made of aluminum that attaches to the stem of your bike. It tilts up to 75 degrees, however, which is ideal if you’re using Maps for navigation, or an app like Strava. The protective iPhone case also has a special cut-out on the back that securely locks into place on the mount, and there’s even a lanyard strap for extra security. Rokform also offers car and motorcycle mounts that work with the same case.

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Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar ($40)

Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar

If you’re an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus owner who’s pining for the 3.5-millimeter jack, this accessory could prove invaluable. It’s basically a Lightning port splitter that allows you to turn your single Lightning port into two, so you can charge your iPhone and listen to music at the same time. Sadly, it’s expensive and a bit chunky. There are cheaper alternatives on Amazon and eBay, but the Belkin splitter has Apple’s MFI certification, which is important if you want to be sure it’s going to work.

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