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Land Rover Wants to Rock Your World

Land Rover has teamed up with acclaimed Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen for a new series of works called “Ultimate Vistas.” Talk about awesome gigs to have.

Bendiksen, working with Magnum Photos, took a series of stunning urban and landscape snaps as he tooled around in his home country in a brand new Range Rover Autobiography. When you travel to the ends of the earth, you may as well do it in style, right?

“I spend my entire life chasing that perfect picture, but part of the joy of it is in that hunt. Photography is for me a language, a way in which I can express myself, and it has become a way in which I see the world,” Bendiksen said in a statement.

“I love trips I can do entirely by driving. When I’m on the road I can stop anywhere and capture an opportunity in an instant. The Range Rover was the perfect partner for me in that respect.”

Range Rover Ultimate Vistas by Jonas Bendiksen 34

Four-wheel drive, a supercharged V-8 with 510 horsepower, and intelligent technology like the Rover’s Terrain Response 2 helped the photographer and his team to traverse roads less traveled.

Norway has over 50,000 islands and 51,000 miles coastline of fjords, inlets and bays. The big Scandinavian adventure begins in Oslo and heads north to the Dovre mountains via the switchback roads of the Trollstigen. From there Bendiksen and company also visited the snow-covered plateaus and fjords of Geiranger and the Art Nouveau-inspired town of Ålesund.

Future locations for the series will include the United States and China. We can’t wait to see those, but in the meantime you can enjoy some breathtaking armchair travel in the gallery below.

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