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Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 (GALLERY 2)

Editor’s Note:
This is the second of two Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 galleries – Ladies GALLERY 1 is here. The cars are also quite beautiful, and Autos GALLERY 1 is here. All images were shot on an Apple iPhone 7 Plus. 

Sexy cars really don’t require sexy women to accessorize them.  

…but it happens at car shows the world over. What sets Tokyo Auto Salon apart, however, is the actual separation of the cars and the girls with regard to their fans. Most peeps who want to see the ladies are there just for the ladies, and that’s it – the cars don’t matter. For those of us on-assignment who’d really like and want and need to get a bit of both, navigating the ravenous horde might seem a rough mission, and without the power of the press pass it most certainly would be. The horde is clearly visible in some of the wider shots. 

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Stance & Stilettos by iPhone 7 (VIDEO)  

As for my choice to shoot entirely on the iPhone 7 Plus?  

Under normal circumstances, would I deliberately leave a real camera behind for an event like this? No. Never. But in a pinch, one can definitely produce internet worthy images with the iPhone 7 Plus, and I think these images speak as much.  

I shot RAW through the Adobe Lightroom app and then edited them on a computer, which helped preserve as much information as the sensor could deliver. I did have to use an LED light whilst shooting, generally offset on the floor to add highlights and to help with the rather weak dynamic range of the iPhone camera.  

The biggest issues were focus and exposure, and the first day of shooting required a fair bit of trial and error to figure out exactly what the new iPhone’s limits were. When found, I was able to extract some very usable stills from it – click here or on the image below to enjoy those stills.

Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 (GALLERY 1)

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon Main Video