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JVC and Kenwood's new head units pack wireless Android Auto

Both models have relatively basic resistive (pressure-based) 6.8-inch touchscreens, four 50W outputs (or three 4V pre-amp outputs) and one backup camera input, although this keeps the prices relatively low: the V940BW sells for $700, while ditching DVD lowers the M845BW’s price to $600.

If you want to splurge, the company’s Kenwood brand is offering a trio of units with more finger-friendly capacitive screens, two camera inputs, a proprietary dash camera connection and additional model-specific perks. The top-of-the-line DNX995S includes both built-in Garmin navigation and DVD support for $1,500, while the DDX9905 drops Garmin to lower the price to $1,100. And if you don’t need discs, the DMX905S not only lowers the price to $850, but throws in a larger 6.95-inch display.

JVCKenwood hasn’t detailed availability for the new units. However, its lineup is definitely important if you want to use your Android phone as the heart of your infotainment system. Google has been talking about wireless Android Auto since 2016, but there’s been precious little support for it. This creates a genuinely accessible option that won’t require buying a new car.

Kenwood's 2018 head units

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