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Just in time for summer, here are the four best Bluetooth speaker deals

Bluetooth technology has opened the door for a lot of interesting gadgets and convenient ways to connect our smartphones to various devices. Perhaps the most popular Bluetooth technology today is wireless speakers, which make it easy to take your music on the go or to set up a small and lightweight home audio system.

Summer is the perfect season for parties, camping, and other outdoor activities where you can enjoy some tunes with your friends, so we’ve picked out some of our favorite Bluetooth speaker deals available right now that can save you up to $230 off retail prices.

Travel Inspira portable Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker deal roundup

Kicking off our list is the attractive and super-compact Travel Inspira Bluetooth speaker, which delivers five watts of power and up to 10 hours of battery life. This portable speaker can also be used with non-Bluetooth devices thanks to its 3.5mm input jack, and one of the best features of the Travel Inspira is its handy slot which lets the speaker serve as a stand for your smartphone or tablet.

The Travel Inspira portable wireless speaker is currently priced at $20 after an 80 percent discount.


ThinkGeek mini vintage Bluetooth stereo

Bluetooth speaker deal roundup

ThinkGeek has all sorts of nerdy and retro-inspired gadgets, and if you love all things vintage then this miniature Bluetooth stereo should be right up your alley. Its ’70s aesthetics are a throwback to the days of wood paneling and shag carpet, but despite its classic appearance, this little stereo packs modern wireless capability so you can connect your phone or other device and stream away. The small receiver measures in at 1.5 by 4 inches, while the speakers are 2 by 3 inches, making this compact stereo system shelf- and desktop-friendly.

Currently on sale for $15 off, the mini vintage Bluetooth stereo can be yours for just $35 from ThinkGeek.


Mighty Rock Miniboom wireless speaker

Bluetooth speaker deal roundup

If you prefer futuristic aesthetics, on the other hand, then look no further than Mighty Rock’s sleek Miniboom Bluetooth speaker. The Miniboom utilizes dual audio drivers and a passive subwoofer which deliver impressive sound for a speaker this size, and the slick black plastic housing features red-colored backlit touch controls for a striking look.

The Mighty Rock touch Bluetooth speaker is listed at $26, after a 56 percent discount.


Comiso bamboo Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker deal roundup

Style-conscious buyers will appreciate the classic charm of the Comiso bamboo Bluetooth speaker. This device looks awesome in any room and boasts dual 15-watt drivers along with passive radiators for crisp highs and punchy bass. The internal battery lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge, and the speaker comes in two equally attractive color options: Light bamboo wood paneling with light gray wraparound canvas, or dark bamboo wood with black canvas.

At just $70 on Amazon, the Comiso bamboo wireless speaker offers a solid savings of $230 off of its retail price.



Looking for more great deals on tech and electronics? Check out our deals page to score some extra savings on our favorite gadgets.

Update: removed expired offers and updated pricing.

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