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Join Our GI Game Club For God Of War

Every once in a while on The Game Informer Show podcast, we get the urge to dive in as deep as possible on a game and wring the experience for every interesting discussion to be had alongside our community. The release of God of War on the PlayStation 4 on April 20th seems like a great opportunity we didn’t want to pass up, so it’ll be the next official GI Game Club. The discussion will be broken up into two parts, with the first episode airing on April 26th. In that episode, we’ll be talking about everything up until you encounter a character named Mimir (seen in the screenshot above).

Please send in your thoughts to podcast@gameinformer.com and we’ll read them on the show, here are a couple of discussion points to get the balls rolling but we welcome any and all emails.

– Either as a new fan or an old fan, what do you think of Kratos’ “reinvention”?
– What has been the most surprising aspect of the gameplay or story so far?
– Are you enjoying the combat encounters?
– What do you think of the new setting/mythology?
– What’s your favorite big moment from God of War’s first half?
– What’s your favorite little moment from God of War’s first half?

Please keep all emails for this discussion centered around the game’s first half, we’ll have plenty to get into for the second discussion. You can get ready for the Game Club by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes and click here to subscribe to the podcast on Google Play.

To get caught up on previous GI Game Clubs, click through the links to hear us discuss the following games in exhaustive detail: Final Fantasy VIIUncharted 4: A Thief’s EndDeus Ex: Human RevolutionBioShockPokémon Sun and MoonMass Effect Andromeda (sorry), Portal 1, and Monster Hunter: World.

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