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Jehuty, Anubis, And Reiko Join Super Bomberman R

The Japanese Bomberman twitter account came out with a surprise announcement today that Zone of the Enders’ Jehuty and Anubis, as well as Rumble Rose’s Reiko, are joining the character roster of Super Bomberman R on the Switch.

The characters, which are playable in Bomberman’s versus mode, join Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, Castlevania’s Simon Belmont, and Gradius’ Vic Viper already in the game. The characters are free updates to Bomberman, though it hasn’t been said if they are accompanying another update.

Check out the tweet linked below to see Reiko and Anubis. Also let us know in the comments what other Konami characters you’d like to see in the game.

[Source: Bomberman Japanese Twitter]

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