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Jackbox Party Pack 5 Targets October Release

The latest installment of the Jackbox Party Pack series is headed to PS4 on October 16, followed soon after by a release on PC and Mac on October 17. That news comes via a tweet from Jackbox Games today, which should allow fans to begin planning their first friend get-together to try out the new included games.

Jackbox Party Pack 5 is set to offer five distinct games, including a new twist on the trivia classic You Don’t Know Jack, a game about hypothetical situations called Split the Room, a rap lyric creation game called Mad Verse City, an invention drawing game called Patently Stupid, and an unusually action-packed game called Zeeple Dome. You can even watch us play Patently Stupid in our episode of New Gameplay Today right here.

Like previous installments, the new game has players logging in with their phones as controllers through an easy-to-use interface, making it simple to change player counts on the fly.

If the new release even comes close to matching the quality of previous installments, Jackbox Party Pack 5 should be an easy pick for a fun party night.

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