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HP updates Stream laptops, adds 14-inch, education models


HP Stream x360 convertible laptop

HP launched the Stream line of laptops a couple of years ago as Microsoft started its push to get Windows into lower-cost devices. At the $199 price point and with its thin, colorful chassis, the Stream notebooks was designed to compete with the emerging Chromebook threat.

The original Streams shipped with Windows 8.1, but it’s subsequently been upgraded to Windows 10. In time for back-to-school shopping, HP has just revamped the line, improving some features and expanding the family with a couple of new models.

In addition to the Stream 11 and the Stream x360, a 2-in-1 notebook, the company has now added the Stream 14, which retains the svelte design and low price of its smaller siblings. Given its larger screen size, the new model is a few ounces heavier than the other Streams, and, at $219, slightly pricier than the Stream 11 but $10 less than the original price of the Stream 13 edition it is replacing.

The Stream 14 will take advantage of some of the improved specs the other Streams will also receive, such as dual-antenna 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a new Intel Celeron N3060 processor, and improved battery life (over 10 hours for the Stream 11 and 14). While 4 gigs of RAM are included, the Stream laptops still only include 32GB of built-in storage, which doesn’t go as far as on a Chromebook given the larger footprint of Windows.

Certain Stream configurations will include a year’s subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal, and select regions will be able to choose from blue, purple or white case options. Black is an option for the x360, which has a hinged design to allow you to use it folded over as a tablet or in tent mode for video viewing.

HP is also introducing the Stream 11 Pro as an educational model in select countries (yet to be disclosed). Unlike other Stream laptops, it can ship with 64GB of storage, and like the x360, it will be offered in black. It will arrive next month, as will the Stream 14. The updated Stream 11 will become available starting on August 24.

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