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How to Get Mega Man in Monster Hunter World

This page explains how to get the Mega Man collaboration items: the Mega Man Armor and Mega Man Palico Weapon that let you embody the 8 bit blue bomber himself.

In order to get these, you must complete the following Event Quests:

This is a rotating event available for both XBOX 1 and PS4. Below are the currently known past, current, or upcoming dates for 2018.

Event Quest Level Rewards Dates
A Rush of Blood HR 13 Tickets to craft Mega Man armor and weapon 4/13 – 4/26

There are a few steps and hurdles you’ll have to jump in order to get this armor set for your felyne friend. 

First, make sure you’re connected to the internet. Event Quests are a sort of automatically added DLC. When you log in, you’ll receive a pop-up informing you event quests are available. 

Go to any Quest Board and choose “Event Quests.” The quest that needs to be completed to unlock the Palico Mega Man Armor is called A Rush of Blood. It’s a 7* quest, which means you’ll have to have completed Old World Monster in the New World Assigned Quest in order to accept it. 

The quest requires you to defeat 2 Odogaron, including a miniature crown one! Every time you finish the quest, you’ll earn a Mega Man Ticket(s), the material needed to forge the Mega Man Palico Armor. 

You’ll need a total of 5 Mega Man Tickets to craft the armor set (3 tickets) and the weapon (2 tickets). How many you’ll get per attempt will vary but be persistent and you’ll come out looking like an 8 bit version of everyones favorite blue bomber.

Perhaps the best and most unique thing about this set is that each weapon your hunter uses will cause the music to change during the quest! You can see some of the songs that play for each weapon below. Happy Hunting!

Weapon Song Mega Man Game
Great Sword Dr. Wily Stage Mega Man 2
Gunlance Fire Man Mega Man
Long Sword Snake Man Mega Man 3
Charge Blade Skull Man Mega Man 4
Bow Dark Man Mega Man 5

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