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Hive View Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET


The Hive View camera includes 1080p HD recording, 24 hours of recorded video, person detection and scheduled privacy. 

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Hive, a home automation company based in the UK and backed by British energy giant Centrica, announced a flexible new indoor camera on Thursday. The Hive View camera is part of Hive’s pack-based line of home automation products. You can view Hive’s home automation packs on the Hive website. It costs $200 or £189 (£319 for a two-pack).

Hive made the leap across the pond last year with the Hive Welcome Home Standard Automation Pack, which included a thermostat, two smart plugs, two door sensors, a motion sensor, four LED bulbs and a hub. Hive is adding an indoor camera to the mix in 2018. The Hive View camera comes in black and brushed copper or white and champagne gold.

The Hive View camera works like other indoor cameras, capturing video clips when sound or motion is detected. The Hive View records in 1080p full HD video with up to a 130-degree field of view. A live, color feed is available on the Hive app and includes one-way audio. Content captured is available within the app for 24 hours or in an extended, rolling, 30-day video history service called Hive Video Playback, for a fee.

In addition to those relatively standard camera features, the Hive View camera includes the option to automatically take photos every few minutes. This could come in handy for hosting parties, capturing play time with your kids or other times when you don’t want to play photographer. It also includes person detection capability, so Fido doesn’t constantly drive notifications to your phone. The Hive View does offer a privacy mode, which sets the camera to record video only during the schedule you provide.  


The Hive View camera detaches from its charging stand for portability.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Created in collaboration with renowned designer, Yves Béhar, the camera itself is a small square unit, anchored by a magnet to a slim metal frame, which is also the camera’s charger. You can mount the Hive View on a wall, set it on a shelf or, if you’re looking for more flexibility, detach it from the metal frame and position it anywhere you like.

Hive’s pricing system is based on packs and monthly payment plans, although you can buy its devices upfront. 

The Hive View camera is the focus of a new pack called the Hive Close to Home Pack. In addition to the camera, the pack includes lights, sensors and a plug, as well as the Hive Video Playback service. This pack costs $350 up front or $14.58 per month for 24 months (which adds up to $350), at which point the devices will be paid off and yours to keep. The monthly fee for Hive Video Playback is then reduced to $6 per month. If you’d like to purchase only the camera, you can do that as well for $200. If you already own a Hive pack, and just want to add the Hive View camera, that will cost $8.33 per month (for 24 months) or $200 up front.

Smart security cameras are popping up everywhere, and we’ll see how the Hive View fairs against competitors such as Nest, Guardzilla and Honeywell in 2018. 

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