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Got a Benjamin to burn? Here are our 17 favorite gadgets under $100

In today’s high-tech society, it seems a $100 can go further than ever before. The price of a quality tablet and laptop is plummeting, as the amount you have to spend on a fitness tracker and other wearable gadgets that are beginning to perforate the mainstream (for better or worse). For less than the cost of your monthly coffee allowance at Starbucks, you can now pick up a device that streams any content you might want to your HDTV, or a phenomenal e-reader on which to reread select passengers from your favorite guilty-pleasure novel.

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You may not be able to achieve the pristine clarity of a 4K television or the robust processing power of the latest gaming machines, but there’s no reason you can’t find something to satisfy your tech cravings without breaking the bank. Below are 17 of our favorite pieces of tech for under $100 — shipping prices not included. After all, what else is Amazon Prime is for?

Samsung Gear VR


Virtual reality has long been the dream of science fiction. However, after years of failed attempt, innovations, and Johnny Mnemonic, consumer VR finally is poised to make a big splash. The big names in VR — namely the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive — are still wildly unaffordable for the time being; however, some smaller less expensive VR headsets are already a hit with consumers. Samsung’s Gear VR is the best of these, drawing on Oculus’ technology to provide a portable VR experience. The headset uses a smartphone as a screen, so users will need to own one of the four compatible Samsung phones. Those who do will appreciate the headset’s ergonomic design and foam lining, which make the act of wearing a large visor on your face as inconspicuous as possible. Developers are still experimenting with VR, so the quality of games and apps varies greatly. However, early gems like Gunjack and Land’s End show the platform’s promise. Read our full review here.

Price: $60

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