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Google Pay will no longer let UK users send money to friends

After September 6, users in the UK will no longer be able to send or request money through Google Pay apps. (Per Google help documents, UK users could only do P2P money transfers by accessing Google Pay on the web.) Google Pay Pay Send capabilities will also be disabled in Gmail. While the feature will continue working for the time being, Google is asking users to transfer outstanding balances to their bank account before the feature is discontinued. People who don’t have a balance remaining in the app won’t have to take any action.

Google Pay Send discontinued email

Google Pay should continue to work as a payment method at retailers and through online stores that support the service. Google’s decision to kill off peer-to-peer payments comes after the company folded a standalone Google Pay Send app into its flagship Google Pay app last year. That move came after Google rebranded Android Pay as Google Pay and turned Google Wallet into Google Pay Send.

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